A New Milepost

I have done it! I finally got archlinux installed and working on my computer! And it is a dual boot shared with ubuntu to boot!

In fact, I was successful once before, but I did not expect to see the command line only when I started it up. On that occasion, I had run out of steam and just installed a different OS to get it going again.

Two days ago, I got the gumption to try again, and pushed it through. I had to try to install three times. I finally got the desktop working on the third try and I felt I was good to go.

Arch linux really truly is a do - it - yourself project, although it is very well documented most of the way. One of the problems with the good documentation is it is putting off. Daunting. Several times, I felt I just did not want to read so much. It is like studying for school again.

Perhaps that is why I had so many troubles. I did not WANT to go and read the whole wiki (sometimes it feels like you have to know EVERYTHING just to get it going the first time).

Anyway, now that it is up and running it is much easier. Perhaps that is becuase I learned so much in the installation or maybe it is because now I feel I have only one problem to deal with at a time instead of the whole installation.

But it is pretty cool.

Arch linux, here I come!