A New Way to Organise my Thoughts

Organising Thoughts

I found a new tool for organising my thoughts. I have been sort of on the lookout for this for about a year or two now. Nothing ever seemed to fit the bill. I tried lots of things, but they were all just versions of the same thing.

Then I found Obsidian.

I had heard of it before but dismissed it as some Windows thing. I was wrong.

Another guy demonstrated it on his video on YouTube and I got a better look at it. It was intriguing. Then I researched a bit. It organises things different. It is free form. You don't need a rigid, directory structure that is not good for complex relationships.

The next thing I liked was that it is free. Like, free. No money. That is so nice.

Then there is the data structure. All your files are on your computer. you can sync them with whatever service you like (google drive, Dropbox, etc... I use AWS S3).

Then another thing is it uses simple markdown. That is easy and convenient and satisfactory. Very flexible and minimalist. Low data overhead, too.

Then the coolest thing is the open graph view. It shows a 2-d graph of the relationships between your notes. That is so cool. Plus on top of the super simple to make hyperlinks you can add, you can also add tags, and search using tags. The search is fast and simple, too.

Then there is the fact that you can use it on any operating system. I have Linux and Mac OS operating systems and it works smooth on both.

It is easy to open, use and put away. That's important. Less friction to get started working.