Back from Canada

I just got back from Canada with my family. It was my second trip to Canada this year. I was worried about the health of my mom, so we went to visit.

It turns out she was fine but I am very pleased with our visit. It was the smoothest trip to Canada yet, and my best acclimatization to jet lag ever (but I still feel the jet lag…).

It was a great chance to get a lot of business done on behalf of my mother (I am her representative and have to take care of her affairs). Although I found the bank very cooperative they simply did not know much and gave wrong information or stalled to get the information I needed. Finally however, they got things set up nicely for me and it is all running smoothly now.

I visited mom more this trip than any other since I used to stay at her place (before she was put in assisted living). On that count I feel very good. We had good visits and I could not have used the time better.

Everyone in the family thought it was a great trip, too, so that really increases the satisfaction. But it will be a few days before I can say I have recovered from all the travelling.