Back Ups

I went to the countryside for a few days. Away from the computer. No work on the computer. But I had my ipad mini. So I studied from e-books.

I read about php security. I got a reminder about the importance of back up sites. and now I have enough wherewithall to do them. So I spent the last few days setting them up. I have my back up sites in place. Pretty much good.

The lovely thing is they are all hooked up through git and github. So I have my version control too. Git really got me a year ago when I did not really know how to do much. I have lots more to learn, but I worked on a tutorial and learned a lot more of the basics the other day. Great! I feel even more in control. And with the backup sites, I feel reassured. Also, setting up databases is getting easier and a lot less intimidating. What a nice feeling. Less and less guesswork.