Big News

Yahoo!! Yesterday and today, I worked on some new stuff. I set up a new devel server on Thursday night. That was easy. What once took two weeks and mistakes and heartache now I can do in about one hour, and lots of that is actually waiting for the computers to deal with things.

But that is not the big news. the big news is that on the new server, I worked on setting up a new framework (not my own this time) called phalcon. It is super fast. and actually, not too hard to use. Then I got a new front end layout framework (?) called semantic ui, and got parts of that working. Then the last piece of the puzzle was getting angularjs operating in conjunction with these two (or rather in conjunction with phalcon). That was somewhat difficult at first, as I had to get the angular stuff set up correctly and I kept making silly mistakes. But I also had to set up a RESTful service in phalcon. Now it is Going! this is awesome! And pretty fast, too.

I love it so much that I am going to with a lot of my systems over to it in the next few weeks. If that goes smoothly, then I will get my breadwinner ELW site set up on it. That will be a big migration, but I have done those before and this should not be too hard. Besides, now I have another devel server to devote to it,so I can do it without too much heartache, i think.