Bummer I didn't Check (dot dot dot)

I am sort of bummed out now since I have gotten phalcon up and running nicely on my personal site, and most of the functionality was ok. I decided to flesh out the galleries on the photo albums. I updated the gallery field for each photo (that’s lots!) quite quickly. Only later did I discover that I did not check the process carefully enough and it actually wrote over the photo file locations!

Now I have to re-import those locations… so I have to configure phalcon with the aws php sdk and re-import them, then update the galleries for them (I have not got them in clean folder structures… maybe I should do that first!!??!)

Oh, well, live and learn. While I am at it, perhaps I will look deeper into the phalcon vokuro site and implement some of their systems… I noticed they already have the sdk worked into the system on vokuro. Lots more to learn, and some of it is not technical.