Burrs on the Path of Life

Sweeping Breath Visualization

I have written in this blog about the sweeping breath quite a bit. The whole point is to review past events and feelings in your life. That is a visualization. It's not a creative visualization. It's more like a reviewing visualization. You're seeing the event as it happened a second time, to the best of your ability but it's still an image as well as perhaps sounds and smells and other senses. So that means it's a visualization as far as I'm concerned.

Double Visualization

However you can also make it more powerful with a double visualization. In this sense I'm using a metaphor for the emotional exchanges that occur in all these events. When you get angry at somebody you are projecting your angry emotions at them. When they get angry at you they are projecting their angry emotions at you. You can visualize these as packets or chunks of feelings or whatever you like. The analogy I make is like birds on plants when you walk through a field, a lot of the grasses and other plants have birds on them. The burrs attach themselves to your clothing, your skin, your hair. You're not even aware of it. When you go home and you sit down and examine yourself you can see the birds and take them off.

We can imagine that it's the same with these emotional pockets. When you deal with someone you get emotional burrs from them. They might be positive or negative.Either way they're attached to you. This is another way of thinking of emotional baggage. It's an encumbrance. And the only thing you can do is remove it. You can remove it by visualizing the energy going away as you review the event. You can try to feel these emotional ‘burrs’ and feel them going away. That is more like a visualization sense, more creative, because this is after all just my idea. While it's only my idea, I found it to be really powerful, just like visualization often is. So this is the double visualization: you are seeing the packets of energy that you received from people and environments that you were in. When you get rid of these packets, you feel much lighter, freer and at ease.

Triple Visualization

The double visualization seemed beneficial, so let's make it a triple. What I mean is now we can imagine that we gave energy to others; the energy that we exuded in that event or situation. We can make it more potent by working on a triple visualization. We can imagine the ‘emotional energy’ that we ‘gave’ to others, and bring it back.