Climbing! Hisashiburi!

I went climbing.

The whole family went. we went to a rock gym in Kashiba. We went to Silver Stone gym. It was great. And the price was reasonable.

There is no membership system there and I was glad for that. Also, you had to assume all your own risks. I was feeling good about that. Sounds like climbing in the rockies back home. The boys were a bit slow to get going but did not want to leave near the end except that they were tired and knew they could not do much more. They had a great time.

We all want to go back there. It is about an hour’s drive from home so not close but not crazy far. And we can take the car. And the parking is free. I really liked it.

Even Chiaki got in a bit of climbing done today. We all drove home quietly - I guess that means we all had a great time and were tired.