Coming Back

There and back again.

I like to learn new things. I like to explore. And I like to diversify myself.

I recently completed one of my ‘cycles’. That is when I depart from my course to explore a new avenue and then find my way back again. It started with a need to learn more javascript -which I still need to do. I thought it would be nice to take a second round at the node based architecture out there, build some servers and polish my javascript along the way. This worked nicely, but in fact, I did not ‘take’ to it yet.

I became interested in some constructions for using C++ to make websites. That went on for preliminary explorations but it seemed a bit dense. Then I happened along Go. This looks like a great language for many reasons. I started working in Go and making some sample sites. Then after a week or so, I realized I had let myself get sidtracked too far.

I came back to the fold… back to laravel, only to discover some new tools that I am now ready to use. Primarily, testing tools. I just started to look at the new laravel package called dusk and got it hooked up and running faster than any other testing materials I have used so far.

In just a short order, I had it up and testing a site I have for even more complex things like authentication and crud and databases. Nice. Now I have to get all the holes in my testing filled in. Lots of work but nice tools to do it with.