Creative Minecraft

I discovered minecraft the game some years ago. A student of mine introduced it to me, and it was a great way to get him to use some fairly advanced English. Then I tried it myself, and it was just like my childhood again…. lego… only on the computer.

Well, it is fair to say I enjoy it but I don’t play it for the enjoyment too much. I do play it to interact with my boys. I see it as a great portal to the world of computers. They are learning all about files, folders and servers with me through minecraft. We can also play in the same world together at the same time! It has been a nice complement to our other activities.

Now, however, we just discovered how to make resource packs. In other words, we make our own graphics for the game. Our own original artwork. Now my boys are getting interested in the more advanced graphics software, as well as the more complex folder structures involved.

We make graphics for one or two new items that occur in the world, then go and see how they look in the game! It is a real charge for them and me too to see our own hand made graphics appear in our own world in the game.