Emotional Vitamins

Review of Life

In my emotional baggage management plan, I am doing a slow and thorough review of my life. The plan is an un hurried and complete review, leaving no stone unturned. It may not be realistic, but I have already found so many hidden gems, that doing a cursory scan of my life seems foolish. I would simply miss too much. It is impossible to tell where the next valuable recovery of emotional energy will come from.

Sweeping Breath

With the sweeeping breath I review the memories of a particular situation or instance. The breath is slow and steady. In science terms, this is probably re-calibrating the emotional content of those old experiences to a new level in line with the calm long slow deep breaths. In 'magical' terms, I think the breath is working the magic to rid myself of the emotional attachments of the memories.

Emotional Memories

The memories have emotional attachments which I like to imagine as like spider webs, although they are invisible. Those webs have a way of pulling and jerking us and making us behave like marionettes, dancing to someone else's whims. Think of this like someone ''pushing your buttons' and you have the complete metaphor. Getting rid of these attachments removes those influences. We become more centered, and naturally detached.


In the past week however, I have started to notice another benefit. My overall energy has increased. I am not as tired as I was on my way home at night. I am more engaged in my teaching. I start the days with more purpose and motivation than before.


I also feel more aware of my emotions at the time. Rather than being like a fish in water, unaware of the water, I feel more acutely sensitized to the changes in the water that I am in at the time.

Fewer Attachments

Not to mention fewer attachments. I have fewer cravings. I don't 'miss out' on things. I am less reactive to people and their comments. This is why I feel that clearing the emotional baggage is like taking emotional vitamins. They are healthy and enrgizing to us. I only wish I had started sooner.