Fast, Faster

The past few months have whistled by with trips to Disneyland Tokyo, hotsprings, and Spain Mura in Ise Shima. Of course we had a great time in all those places. And now the schedule seems to have settled a bit and we can get down to some serious work.

I have finally finished a series of pictures that I was working on for almost a year! The daily routine pictures are done and starting to appear on my site at ELW.

I have added new sections to the site, and few functionality. There is now a site search, that I coded myself. and there is a new question and answer section for students to practice asking and answering basic questions to learn some vocab and internalize the pattern reversal between q and a.

I just started an experimental series of videos of the minecraft game to see if there is interest in learning English with those videos. The hardest part of making them is transcribing the videos, so other than that it is fun and if it can make some income that would be great.

There is still a lot on the drawing board, but I think the major new project starting is finished so can settle in to the new work for a while.