Feeling the Power of Breath

Recently, as I do my emotional clearing, I have noticed a change in the feeling of my breath. I don't always sense this new feeling and sometimes it take a while to 'get' it, or it takes a deeper level of concentration on th remembering. IT may also be connected to the time I do the clearing exercise.

When I get 'into' the remembering and the feelings associated with the memory, my breath seems to change. It is a feeling similar yet not the same as if I was breathing menthol vapours, or tiger balm. There is no scent involved but it is a special aliveness to the breath, kind of like I was breathing mind without the mint flavour. It is strange, yet refreshing and invigorating. I interpret it to indicate a real clearing of the enrgy, getting rid of th eemotional baggage, and picking up my expended emotional energy back from that memory.

This feeling first started a little by little about six months ago, so I guess it took two to three years of this practice to get to this state.

I also find it easier to focus on certain situations, an remain there as opposed to letting my mind flit from one memory to another like a butterfly. The self discipline is coming along better these days.