Feeling Down

Been feeling down since I went for a hike a few weeks back. Got feeling really bad for a few days then back up to 50%. Then developed a cough and have been around 50% to 60 or 70% energy levels since.

Considering that I feel I am doing well since over this time I published a book independently, and published two games (tests to see how far I can go with a new game building software called Construct 2). Pretty good.

But these last couple of days I got more energy. I can tell because I am aggressively pushing the coding side of things again.

Currently I have started learning about unit testing. What is it? Why to do it, and how. Especially with php and laravel.

I am considering setting up my server with all my sites working off laravel and or ghost (I really like ghost). lots of work but then I might be able to get a consistent base from which I can deploy sites and in fact the whole server! Using vagrant and homestead. But I have to iron out a few problems and answer lots of questions, not to mention recoding the sites in laravel.

lots to think about…

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