Home Study

My hobby is computers, and doing hard things with them. Learning about this is hard, but fun.

Soon, I will have more time to spend on this hobby as my mornings will become free. I was doing a part time job, but it is changing to full time soon and I cannot do that, so that time becomes my own. I have decided to learn enough to start freelancing on computer work during this time.

I have used a site called Lynda.com in the past, - not for everything of course,but for several projects including learning php and some illustrator stuff. So that is where I am turning to now, to learn more. I need to learn javascript, jquery, and node jsh as well as a little bit more (design stuff, etc). This looks like a good site and I have have mostly had very good results from this site. So I just signed up with Lynda.com again. I watched a bit of the node js server videos and was pleased with how easy it was to understand, follow, and do it myself.

I am going to ramp up my skills over the next four months and then see what comes of it.I am already pleased with how far I have come and feel pretty comfortable in this area even though I am not a pro — yet.