There was a time when I used illustrator to make some of my images. That time is gone. Now, I have moved on to Inkscape. There were a few reasons for my move.


  • one is that I use Linux as my OS. IT is becoming a pain to keep a second OS (windows) that I don’t even really like anyway on the same computer - and a second computer is prohibitive and wasteful.
  • another reason is the cost of illustrator. It is prohibitive.
  • third is that now it seems like you have to use illustrator via a membership system and pay monthly. even more costly and you have to always have the internet going. Now my internet is pretty good but for a time there I was using an expensive WiFi system and it had hard data transfer limits.

The picture I put up at the top of this page is a simple illustration of what I can do now with Inkscape. It is svg so quite flexible, and I can output to any number of formats easily. Yay!

Now Iplan to work on several of the tutorials to get more proficient with it.