Inner Detoxification

Inner Detoxification

The sweeping breath is kind of like an emotional detoxification.


Today I went back and revisited an old memory. Actually I could say it was a constellation of old memories connected or centered around a song. It would be closer to the truth to say these weren't memories per se but feelings. Bringing back the feelings was not entirely pleasant, although I sure liked to indulge in those feelings many many years ago.


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Now in my current self I can see how that indulging was unhealthy and negative. And it feels a bit sick. Revisiting those memories is like bringing back toxins in my body. As I flush the memories out I am flushing out the toxins. Of course this leaves the after feeling. After I'm done with the session, I feel a little bit sick.

Self Poisoning

In a sense it's just like intoxicating yourself. Your body is full of the toxins one more time. Well no, not full of them. The toxins have passed through your body one more time. This time the toxins instead of passing in they are passing out, but they still give that toxic feeling as they pass through. So being free of the toxins should feel great but just the flow of toxins have made you feel sick for a while.


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About 3-4 hours later I felt extremely strong, vigorous and balanced. I never know in advance, just which emotions I'm revisiting are going to produce this effect. And my power to refeell the emotions seems to vary from day to day, and week to week so that's another factor that I cannot predict.

Keep Going

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One thing I know is that if I keep doing the practice regularly, I keep getting better. I also keep getting sessions that are extremely effective even if they are not every session. I also find that the emotions that I refeel are connected to other emotions and I can connect to them or latch on to them and transfer my focus to those new memories. Then I can start working on them as well and they, in turn, light up other feelings.


The whole process is one of discovery. But at the same time it's exhausting. Even though it releases memories and even though it releases energy later I feel exhausted at the end of a session per se.