It's Not Happiness, It's Energy that Counts

Many people have written about happiness. There are countless self-help books that tell you how to be helped Happy. There are thousands of videos on YouTube that tell you what you can do to be happy. The American Constitution recognizes the pursuit of happiness.

The wrong tree.

If you're chasing happiness, I think you're barking up the wrong tree. Just as many people say chasing money won't make you happy I'm saying chasing happiness won't make you happy. Thousands and thousands of people have commented on happiness being an elusive Target. I say give up on chasing happiness.

A new Target

Instead of chasing happiness, instead of chasing money, instead of chasing power or prestige, instead try chasing energy. Let's rephrase that. Don't chase energy. Conserve energy. When you have lots of energy, doing things is easy. When you have lots of energy, nothing is a pain in the neck. When you have lots of energy you know what to do and how to do it. You know where to go and how to get there.

How do you do it?

Stop thinking. I'm not being facetious. Steve Jobs was famous for making clear how important it was to say no. Saying no is a very powerful tool. If you say no to your thoughts and stop thinking them, then you can save your mental energy. More than saving mental energy you can save emotional energy. This is perhaps the most important kind of energy. But it's easier said than done.

You can't just stop thinking

That's right. Thoughts are nefarious terrible enemies. They have a habit of creeping up and sneaking into your brain when you're not aware of them. Your thoughts defend themselves and convince you that they are you. And then you think you're the one that's thinking those thoughts.

If you think

If you think you're the one that is thinking the thoughts then try to stop them. You will see who's in charge.

So how do you stop them?

Stop feeding them. Like any wild animal, if they don't get food they go away to another place. Cut them off at the roots and they won't grow there. You can do this through your memories. Relive your memories fully completely.use your breath. Breathe in slowly and deeply. Then breathe out slowly and deeply. Do this while you are re-experiencing your memories. As you progress and become proficient you will move your focus onto your feelings. These are the most important. Re-experiencing your feelings coupled with long slow complete breathes will dispel the feelings peacefully with excellent results.

Be patient

This process takes years. You have a mountain of piled up feelings.you can only process small amounts at a time. Also, it will take a few years of practice to become even moderately proficient.

This will save you piles of energy

That will be the source of your energy. You will simply not waste your energy with the ongoing daily flow of thoughts that generate feelings, 99% of which are simply not necessary and detract far more than they give. Your feeling of space and distance from restricting problems will grow, and you will be able to respond to events in a more mature way than emotional reactions that you have little control over.

Happiness is absence

You will start to see that happiness is the absence of bad things. It is the absence of worries, self-righteousness, pride, revenge, envy and a host of other negative thoughts and feelings that invade your being unbidden.

Try it

Try it for three years.