Life Is Beautiful

One result of my meditation, is my reduction of requirements. What I mean is I'm reducing the things that I require. Really this means I'm reducing the things that I want and desire.. that's reducing my attachments. Life becomes much more simple and manageable when you have fewer requirements.

Unspoken Unacknowledged Requirements

A lot of your attachments are unconscious attachments. That means you're not aware of them yet they're there and they manifest themselves as unspoken requirements. If you can lighten your load by getting rid of these attachments, then you have less to deal with and it's much easier to meet the requirements that you do in fact have. This allows you to do a much better job on the things that you have to do. That's because you're attention is focused rather than scattered. Not only can you do a better job, but you feel more satisfaction. You tend to grow faster and achieve more by being focused on fewer things.


Life becomes artistic. There's a hidden balance behind everything. It's kind of like the mountain landscape where you have Rock ice and sky. It's much more beautiful when there's fewer things in the landscape.


When you have fewer things to focus on and no hidden or unseen requirements, then you only have to deal with what's in front of you. That tends to be very easy because you're highly focused.