Life on the Edge

What are You Living For?

Let’s start with the big question. Whatever answer you have is okay but if you don’t have an answer, you’re gonna have a tough time getting satisfaction in life. We could talk about how to answer this question for ten years or more and not come to a consensus. Let’s just say, (for now) go figure it out. Find a quick and dirty answer. I think you can change your mind on the answer later but first go and get an answer to work with. If you find later that the answer was a garbage answer then greate! You are growing.

Where is this Answer in Your Life Now?

If this answer is not in your life, then guess what? You probably feel unsatisfied with life right now. That or you found the wrong answer and you’re not being honest with yourself. So then you go back to square one and re-answer. But if you have an answer let’s take a closer look at where it is in your life.

Most People

I think most people who would consider themselves in the “rat race” would say they find this thing they are living for on their days off. Now, for me, that would not be optimal. Unless I got an extremely high degree of satisfaction on my days off, I would feel unsatisfied. It would mean that many of the days of my life are not satisfying. THis leads to the Situation I will describe below.

Life on the Edge

If you only get satisfaction on your days off, then you are living life on the edge. The edges (the days off) of your life are what give you satisfaction. The meat of your life - the bulk of your activities - is unsatisfying. This is a problem because as far as we all can tell you can only live this life once. You don’t get a second shot.

If Your Life is On the Edge

If your life is on the edge like I described above, you have made a compromise somewhere. What can you do? Set your purpose on the activities that make up the bulk of your life (exclude sleeping…that’s another realm). If you generate enough intent to be really really really good at whatever it is that makes up the bulk of your waking activities, you will slowly start to feel more and more satisfaction in life.