More On That

Done it. I figured out how to run the routes on phalcon on my set up. I found some code on their documentation page that finally showed me where to put the code I had seen before (telling what to write is half the problem… where to write it is the other half). Now I have a whole section of the new site working, and what’s more, this means i can get many whole sections of the site working nicely… I think.

Anyways, I set it up and then moved one of my parked domains to the server, unparked it, and moved the code onto that virtual server. Then I also made sure I could get this all backed up on git, and further back to github. Now it is all backed up (the code… not the database yet). So I am feeling pretty good.

I have to code in the other areas of the site, then move the database contents to the new database, and after that I start designing the interface. Then the code for the analytics and work out the way to do experiments and voila! I have the new system up!

Ooops! I almost forgot to add the script for the analytics tag to this site… no traffic monitoring on this one for the past several days… not that it is important.. no, it is just for fun.