My First MVC

I was trying to learn how to use an MVC, but I was having difficulty setting them up and felt I might understand them better if I learned how to make one, so that is what I am doing.

This is awesome! I have a front controller set up and I learned a bit more about the .htaccess and rewrite rules, so I am starting to get a skeleton of an mvc going! I have the controllers more or less set up.

Next, I have to get to work on the models. When that is finished i will get to work on - you guessed it - the views (the v of mvc). I am starting to feel more confident.

As an aside, I picked up a book about php security - I know it is important- and I thought it would be dry as all get out, but to my surprise, it was not a hard read, and the guy even put a few jokes in it! I am finding it mildly entertaining as well as instructional!