New Horizons

Well, I have been working on moving my main website (ELW) over to the phalcon based system I have learned. It is lots of work but otherwise going smoothly. On the side, I have been tinkering with some development sites and the nginx server - ostensibly the fastest server in the world. I just met with success last night on my development server! Now I have a very fast server and a very fast back end!

It took a lot of work and tinkering and late nights. It usually does when I start working with some new softwares. but I am even more excited about this since this means I can incorporate the apache lucene search engine on my server to work with my site. That will take time to learn but it looks great! Fun thing is that I discovered some software from apache called nutch that I can use to make my own bot to crawl the web. Cool. Just like google. More on that later. for now I have to finished rebuilding the main site and then set up a new server to serve it up from.

The problem with my shared hosting server now is that it cannot use phalcon, and it cannot use the lucene search software- the first uses php internally coded in C, and the second uses java both of which are not available on the shared server. That’s ok. running my own server is challenging but fun.