New Language Old Language

I have started to learn the C programming language.

I am predominantly using the Learn C the Hard Way because this way is cheap, reliable, longerlasting learning, and I control more of it. It shows me how to compile the code myself without any doodads. And at the end it will help me make a few things, too, like a simple server.

There was one site that had the compiler built in to the site, but then I don’t keep the code myself on my own computer. Also I don’t have to compile it. Learn C the Hard Way is a bit slower but it all goes through my head and my hands, which I like.

I had thought that C was really tough at first, but I am already making simple programs. I still think it is pretty tough, but I have broken through the too tough for me barrier already.

I don’t expect to make much with C but I want to use it as a springboard into C++ so I can use the Unity 3D game programming platform. Long term goal. So far, though, it is fun and exciting. Also learning to build the program with make has already given me the confidence to tackle the Linux from Scratch distribution of linux where you build and compile your own linux distribution. That’s a topic for another post.