No Reason


I'll keep this week's blog short. (This week's blog? Well I think I might try to do one blog a week for a while.. see if I can.)


I wanted to encourage my son. I told him, "Not knowing how to do something is not a good reason to not do it." He told me he knew it. I knew he knew it, but wanted to express my support for his endeavor. I also wanted to assert my belief (for myself as much as anything).

The Best Things

The best things always come from something that we could not do. This is the way to acheivement, and invention, and love. If we always did only the things that we could, we would never grow.


If you want a pain free life, you're gonna get pain. The pain will be boredom and lack of fulfillment, and a lack of purpose or direction.

My Students

Sometimes, my students say, "I can't." I usually respond, "That's ok. Just try." If I have filled them with enough trust in me, they will try. That is the biggest success of all.