Organizing Time

While searching for a way to run ghost, I came across a small (actually big) blog post on organizing. I followed the link.


(this link does not work anymore).

It seemed intruiging. And so I read it. but then I realized that I did not know enough about GTD (Getting Things Done) to use it.

I watched the video (so far I watched 20 min.) and the video was disappointing. He did not have much content at all in the first twenty minutes. It was mostly ‘fluff’. But there was enough to convince me to take a look at the book. I am reading the book Getting Things Done by David Allen now and it looks impressive.

I discovered that once again, you have to get through the introductory stuff to find much meat but I am starting to find the meat. And I like the way of thinking he espouses, even if the writing is a bit verbose.

His system appears challenging however, as you have to really reflect on the things on your (todo) list, and you have to have the discipline to go back to the list and manage it frequently.