Psychic Recharge

I have been working on meditation for a few years now. I found it dreadfully hard and boring at the start. Now THere are times when I am sitting and I naturally become quiet. Far from being boring, it is like I am recharging. It is a kind of thoughtless excitement. It feels great.

I am not a pro so I have no authrity here but my experience with many ‘help you to meditate’ services and recordings don’t really help you. There is no easy way, and listening to someone talk encourages you pay attention to words.

For me, meditation is controlling your attention, and being able to steer it away from words, the constant drivel in our minds, to the ‘stream of consciousness’ as opposed to the stream of words.

I(ve been working on my ability to refocus my attention on things other than my thoughts, and it has been great so far. It is easy now to sit silently and actually quite far from boring. We have only conditioned ourselves to equate thinking and action with interesting and stimulating. There are other sources of joy and excitement once we open ourselves to them.

And this silence is like plugging yourself into the cosmos… it recharges you, provides inspiration and energy.