Repeated Stress Syndrome


This is just a silly name I invented by myself. I've been doing my sweeping breath meditation, and I've been looking over past sections of my life. When I go back I can sense the emotional tensions of those events. Some of them are happy, some of them are sad, some of them are angry etc. One thing I've noticed is that I can clean up one event.

Its Like EMDR

I think the sweeping breath is like EMDR. They say that EMDR is really good for post-traumatic stress syndrome. So I think it's probably really good for many stresses like those everyday events. But all those many events pile up. Just like tennis elbow, after many many repetitions you can develop an injury even though each individual motion is not that big.

You Can Screw Up

I remember reading about parenting. One expert said you can really screw up big time with your kids, but only once. If you do the big screw up again and again you're going to have problem kids. I think the same is for ourselves: we can give ourselves negative self-talk, but if we give ourselves negative self-talk again and again and again it piles up and we become mixed up. So then we have to go back again and again and again with the sweeping breath to unpile all that negative self-talk.

The sweeping breath is really good for getting rid of those emotional charges. At least that's my experience. This is just anecdotal, so I can't say that it would work for other people. But I don't have access to a lot of people and a test that I can run, so all I have is my anecdotal experiences. But my life is getting lighter and lighter as I uncharge all these emotionally charged events. It’s kind of like un-piling them and getting rid of them.

Even the Good Stuff

Even the good emotional charges have to be cleared in my case. The reason is because I look at those good emotionally charged events and it makes me feel sad. I just turn it into another negative because of my greed and wanting to hold on to those good moments and then feeling like I can't. Not being able to hold on to the good moments that I want makes me feel sad. After doing the sweeping breath, I can still remember those good moments but I no longer have the sadness or pain of letting them go, because I've already let them go after the sweeping breath, and now I can feel good and clean about those memories. The only problem with this technique is that it takes a lot of time.