It’s time to make my resolutions. This year is easier than in the past. I have to type better. So that is resolution number one. I want to get to 45 wpm. In six months. five minutes a day.

Next, I need to code faster, and more conveniently. I heard that vim is difficult to learn but well worth the effort. from my preliminary look at it, I think it is worth trying. So my next resolution is to learn vim and become comfortable coding in vim. It is difficult to set a goal since I don’t really know what the levels are in learning vim. I think it is good enough to say ‘be comfortable coding in vim’. That is my goal. Time limit? Well, let’s give a generous six months.

Then the last one is learn Spanish. Again, without some external test, it is difficult to set a goal. Speak comfortably. Kind of meaningless. I have learned languages, and every time you get better, you only think how bad you are, so without a test, I will not set a goal. I guess, I will set a time study goal, since I know that the more time you spend, the better you get. Let’s say five minutes a day as a minimum. There! I have three resolutions. They should all make me a better person in some way shape or form. And I can work steadily towards them and they are reasonably big (I think vim is big since I will not practice more than a few minutes a day, and it looks like a relatively big skill).

A third resolution is to work on silence. Becoming internally silent. This is a long term goal.