Skiing in 2016

I went skiing today with my eldest son.

We had a great time, and he got lots better. As we sat in the lodge I thought about skiing, and regurgitated some old thoughts I had about climbing.

It’s Real

Skiing and climbing are good because they are real. they are honest. If you ski well, you get down safely, and have fun. If you ski badly, you fall, and you might even hurt yourself (although this is not so common as people think…). You always know your level regardless of what you say to other people. (unless of course you are a wimp and stay 3000 km inside your boundaries that is….).

So It is Honest

No one is saying ‘that’s great!’ when it actually isn’t. And even if they are saying it, you know it is true or false by whether or not you are falling down. That’s honesty, and it is healthy. It helps us grow. and it keeps us connected to reality.

And it is healthy.

Not only for your body, with the exercise and fresh air. It is healthy for your spirit too. Keeps you humble, knowing your limits and your true ability. Humility is a dear thing and hard come by so we should grab it when we can. Humility keeps us equal with those around us and lowers our self importance, so those around us find us easier to live with. Hey! That means it is also good for our social lives, too! Yep. Skiing is good.

And fun.