Snow Snow Snow

Wow. It sure snowed on Friday. I regular storm. Most snow I have seen in Ikoma since moving here. (ever.).

cool. literally. But the snow was like slush. Super heavy and super wet. Just like a sushy drink back home in 7-11. Made my shoes wet. But it was pretty and fun.

Stayed inside all day on Friday, and as a consequence got lots of work done. And as a consequence, i also researched something new… a new server! Now I am working on using the nodejs server for my projects. Have to learn it first, but it promises to hold big benefits. More on that later. Now, it is time for dinner.

Added later…

Back now after dinner and the kids are in bed. I am pretty happy with the node js server. It is actually quite complex. Unlike apache and nginx, you don’t install, configure and run it. It does very little if you do that. You have to build the server itself.. code it! But that is cool. I am finding out what it takes to make a server work. I am actually writing the http headers myself a bit!! wow! My server will now print a page, take input and then publish that input to another page in html format! Yay! I am pretty pleased with this. It is asynchronous so it should be able to approach real-time which is nice for some applications and reduce the amount of refresh and load new pages perhaps… although not entirely get rid of them. pretty close to ajax but this looks better… even more seamless. Sort of like google docs. Anyway, time to quit.