Status Being Monitored

I moved my site to my own server a year ago, and it was ok. But when I moved a higher trafficked site, over to my server I discovered that there were a few things I didn’t know. My database kept crashing and eventually I moved that site back to the shared server.

Well I know a lot more now, and I have set up an even better and stronger server. And now it is being monitored regularly by a robot. And it can restart itself if it crashes! I can rest a bit easier now with this system. Plus the new server can serve files much faster and to more clients than ever before. Setting up and configuring it posed a few problems at first but those problems have become fun and interesting for me now…not a source of stress. Sort of like playing chess.

Do it yourself is deeply rewarding if you have the time to do it yourself.

My next step is to start really getting a good handle on javascript and moving into angular or emberjs to leverage that knowledge to make realtime applications. And games for learning. But I still have to master typing. I also want to start making a few simple do it yourself videos about a few of these things - tutorials. Sort of pay back to the community… and get a bit of traffic.

Maybe later.