The Usefulness of Death

Death Doesn’t Get Me Down

Once in a while when I talk with other people about death, they say it's morbid. They don't want to talk about such a thing and they tell me it depresses them. At one point I was the same. Gradually over time I've changed.

Death is Useful for Me

Death is the very thing that makes me move. Death makes me hungry and if the hunger continues I will die. So death makes me move to avoid the hunger and go get food. In a sense death is controlling me, pushing me. That's a good thing. Otherwise I would sit still and do nothing and probably I wouldn't feel very good after a while. In a sense it's a game with death and death has the upper hand, but the result is always good for me. I suppose the final result, dying, isn't good for me. But the threat of death is good for me. It makes me move. It makes me grow. It makes me feel good, and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

A Useful Check

Death is also a useful check for me. When I'm down. And here I mean worried about something or just plain old sad, then I can think about death. Whatever the situation, it isn't as bad as being dead, or dying. That comes as a great relief to me. There's always something worse. That's death. That means that nothing is as bad as you think it is. So I use death to cheer me up. As long as I'm not dying, it can't be that bad.

The Time Limit

Your life will always amount to something, if you have a goal that's a little bit bigger than your life. Something that you can't quite accomplish before you die. Then death is like The pusher, the creator of pressure. The mover. That makes us move and we try to accomplish our goals before we die. Death is our motivator and it makes us strive for ever greater things. I use my death in that sense. I remind myself of my death and that impending time limit which is running out. That makes me work harder and try harder to accomplish my goals. In this sense death is my friend. A good friend doesn't indulge you. A good friend is interested in helping you grow and be strong, so they challenge you, I'll be it in a friendly way. Death may not be so friendly, but it certainly is useful. Insofar as that is the case death is not the enemy. Death is instrumental in my success.