Under The Weather

Last week I got sick. Surprisingly sick. I even cancelled classes. I went home. I went to bed. I stayed in bed for a day and a half. Wow.

That hasn’t happened to me for years. I went back to work gingerly at first, and then the second day back, I had an ‘energy drink’ to boost me through it. It worked and I did a good job.

tummy troubles.

So I am human, and I am not indispensable. The world did not stop when I got sick. Thank heavens for that. But I am still feeling the effects of it. My stomach is still a bit queasy sometimes. Anyway, the worst is over.

On the good side of things, yesterday and today on my holidays, I learned some valuable new stuff on git (a version control system) so I can upgrade these websites under considerably more control than in the past. I have just done that a few times in the past days on small things to check it out and get the feel of it. This latest upgrade was to allow pictures into myblogs. so I have a picture to insert in this one. The Under the Weather picture. Check it out.