Uphill Progress

Well, I am making progress. It is uphill, and sometimes seems slow. There is a lot to learn. also, I work sometimes at night, and my attention is poor, so I miss small typographical mistakes that cause errors in the program (‘bugs’) and they are hard to find when I am tired.

But I seem to be finding problems and knocking them off one by one. I should be ready to start building the English Listening World site -or rather rebuilding it, soon. Just a few more kinks to be worked out. It is exciting.

Plus, a visitor to my site just notified me of an error on my site that prevented lots of people from studying well, so I fixed that but I found another bigger problem with Drupal. I will let ie go for now since I plan to migrate over to my own hand written code in the new year.It is hard, but lots of fun. and rewarding.

Even just the gains I have made in speed and control in building this site have been very rewarding. Now this site flies compared to when I had it with Drupal. Of course, it was a lot harder to build, but learning is a blast. I wonder why more people don’t get hooked on learning things.