Useless Advice

Difficult, Yet Simple

For many many years, as I was looking for ways to improve my life, I kept finding the same useless advice popping up here, there and everywhere. The useless advice was, " Let it Go". This was exceptionally useless advice, as I found out, because it's exceptionally difficult. No, that's not quite true, it's also very very simple to let go of things but if you don't know how then it's almost impossible. I did searches on the internet to find out how to let go, and they kept giving me the same platitudes. The advice they gave seemed circular. It was almost as if they were saying Let it Go by letting go.

It's like a Physics Question

Imagine you went to your physics teacher, or your math teacher and you asked them “how can I calculate or measure the distance to the Moon?” And their answer was, “use trigonometry”. But at the same time they did not tell you what trigonometry was, nor did they tell you how to use it. That's the feeling I get when people say Let it Go.

Deeper Effects

I've been searching for years and years for the way to let things go. I finally found a way using the sweeping breath. As I recall the event and review the memory, I refresh my memory of the feelings and I can let go of the feelings with my breathing. The breathing is magic. With repeated breaths in and out, the feelings slowly dissipate. My memory grows stronger. My connectedness to my life and my past grows stronger. And yet at the same time my emotional baggage grows lighter.

The only problem is that this is a slower approach. As I wrote in my previous post on the burrs of life, you can only remove one at a time. I haven't found a machine that can vacuum up all the burrs at the same time.

I suppose it's for the better. Like anything else, things that have a deer cost have much more value than things that you can get cheap and easy.