Watching DVD's on Linux

I moved over to Linux a few years ago after several frustrations with windows. It is much easier to do many things on Linux. I first started with Ubuntu , and recently moved to the Arch Linux distribution. I can do almost all the same things and more with Linux and it has become quite a bit of fun.

One problem however, was watching rented DVD’s. They are copy protected - that doesn’t bother me. The problem is in my experience, I cannot watch them on my computer because of this copy protection. I can with Windows, but I don’t want to stop and restart my computer just to watch a movie I rented.

I found a way around this with Ubuntu a few years ago. The solution was on this page . This worked great. But when I tried a variation of this on Arch Linux I could not get it to work.

A little bit of googling around and I found this page. It took about 20 s to implement the solution an presto! I was able to watch my DVD!