Airport Carpets

2023-06-22 00:00:00 / episode: 157



"Airport carpets.

That might seem like a strange topic.

But I found a really interesting blog about it the other day.

It made me really think about it.

I've been to a number of airports.

I can't say it's like that many airports, but it's certainly more than a few.

Have you been to any airports? Tell me, did you notice carpets on the floor? That's one thing I noticed, especially in North America.

Almost all the airports have carpets on the floor.

Not quite everywhere but a lot of places, especially in the, uh, after you go through the check-in gate.


Once you go through the check-in gate, it's almost all carpeted.

And I thought, why is that? Well, it turns out there's some deep psychological things going on.

When you feel, when you feel the carpet under your feet, you feel more secure, you feel more relaxed.

That may be a little bit happier.

Not quite nervous because travel is a hard thing.

You're gonna be tired, you're gonna be uncertain that you're gonna get on your plane or where to go.

There's a lot of confusing things.

It's probably a first time experience for many.

So feeling relaxed is important.

That means that there's less fighting and more harmony between the passengers.

But more importantly, and I think this is the big one, people spend more money, they go shopping more when they're relaxed and airports have shops in them and the shops want to make more money.

So there's carpet in those airports to make you feel relaxed, to make you feel at ease, comfortable and ready to spend your money.

So, airports have to make money too, don't they? If they didn't, they'd shut down and then we wouldn't be able to fly anywhere.

So, I suppose having carpets is a good thing because I'm gonna be happier.

Maybe even I'll spend more money.

But if I'm spending my money, I'm probably happy spending my money.

Think about it.

Where did you go last when you were flying? Was there a carpet in that airport? And did you feel relaxed and secure? Thanks for listening."