Bad Water

2023-10-08 00:00:00 / episode: 265


Hi and welcome to the dot com podcast.

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So, every day I'll make a new podcast about a different topic.

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Welcome to the Less Paris dot com podcast.

Episode 265.

Today is another episode about something that I once again think I know a little bit about.

Maybe not a lot though.

Bad water.

Have you ever drank bad water? Have you ever drunk bad water? It's bad.

I grew up in Saskatchewan.

I grew up in a town called Regina Saskatchewan City, but it wasn't that big.

It was famous for a few things.

One of them was having bad water.

Some of the worst water in North America.

I think it was ranked number three, worst water in North America at the time because it's in the middle of a half desert.

It's wheat fields and farms, but there's no rivers.

There's a small, small river running through it, but it's very small, very slow, ST sluggish stagnant.

The water doesn't move much so it sits there and fills up with all sorts of yucky smelling and yucky tasting chemicals and they're almost impossible to remove from the water.

They're not damaging or harmful to you, but they make the water taste bad as a contrast to that.

In my teens, I moved to another province, Alberta and I started rock climbing and mountaineering and I went to the tops of many mountains with glaciers.

Glacier water is extremely delicious.

When I went climbing, I'd get thirsty and I could reach over to the runnel or rulle of water on top of the glacier, fill up my water bottle and take a drink.

It was some of the cleanest purest tastiest water I've ever had these days.

Many people talk about this water or that and a lot of people get bottled water and they pay a lot of money for it too.

But that glacier water was priceless.

Of course, you couldn't take it home.

It doesn't travel.

It would if you put it in the bottle and then carried it for a couple of days.

The flavor went down.

Part of the reason for that delicious flavor is the temperature.

And another part was as it runs down the glacier sloshing and swooshing.

It mixes up with oxygen and air gets into the water and that makes it really, really tasty.

So you have to drink it right there and then thank heavens there's no animals living on glaciers.

So the water is as pure as can be.

It's as pure as the rain coming out of the sky.

I wouldn't take it any other way if you want really, really good water.

Go to a glacier.

If you want better water, go to Regina Saskatchewan and you can have terrible water and it smells in the cup as before you drink it.

Be careful.

You were warned.

See you next time.