2023-08-27 00:00:00 / episode: 223



"Bicycles, wonderful machines they were invented.

Yeah, maybe 100 and 5200 years ago.

As you can tell, I didn't do research before I started this podcast.

The basic, basic thing about bicycles is that they have two wheels by Sickle, by means two and cycle means wheel.

So that's, that's the common feature for a bicycle.

After that.

Anything goes, there are bicycles with big front wheels and small back wheels.

There are bicycles with big back wheels and small front wheels.

Some bicycles have fat tires, some bicycles have skinny tires.

You could say they come in all shapes and sizes these days.

They're getting, uh, pretty intent on the tires.

I, I think it seems to me that the new bicycles are coming up with new kinds of tires more than anything.

Now, that's pretty important because that's the part that touches the road.

That's the part that puts you in contact with the ground.

And if it's good, you're gonna have a good ride and if it's bad you're gonna have a bad ride.

I have a mountain bike.

It has heavy knobbed tires.

They're big and fat and pretty tough.

They're great for going off road, but they're not good for riding on roads because all the knobs on the tires actually make a lot of friction and it's hard for you to go fast.

And if you coach a bit, it'll slow down quickly for that.

We need a road bike.

Those have skinny tires.

There's not a heavy tread on the tire and they can go fast and glide for a long distance.

Now, the next thing is the frame of the bike.

Some frames are flexible and some frames are rigid.

It seems to me the rigid frames are the best.


They get fancy frames.

Some are made of iron, but those are heavy.

Then they get the fancy alloys of metal to make them.

And then there's carbon fiber frame bikes.

Those are light and strong.

But most of us recreational people just get ordinary bikes in Japan.

They call the ordinary bike, a Mama chari and that's great.

It's functional.

It has a basket, you can carry things and it's simple and easy to fix.

I love bikes."