2023-05-28 00:00:00 / episode: 132




These are wonderful shoes or slippers as the case may be or sandals.

I'm not quite sure what the best term is, let's say sandals, but a lot of people just call them Birkenstocks or Bikies or bikes.

Anyway, they're footwear and they're remarkably comfortable.

They, um, they conform to the bottom of your foot.

They're not just flat sheets, they've got contours so they wrap around the bottom of your foot and they're very comfortable and they kind of stay on your foot.

I'm not sure which country they come from.

Maybe it's Sweden or Norway.

Probably Sweden.

I'm, I'm not sure but one of the Scandinavian countries and they're tremendously relaxed.

They got a great, um, image of kind of relaxed hippie but not cheap.

Dirty hippie, more like upscale.

I have money.

Hippie because Birkenstocks cost quite a bit and they're not really stylish shoes to wear to a, a good event.

They're more casual, relaxed, stay at home loaf around the town slippers or sandals.

I once got a pair of Birkenstocks and they've lasted a long time.

Furthermore, when they did start to break, I could repair them.

They have a sort of a leather sole that touches your foot.

And that came off in my case, I just pulled the soil out, spread some white glue in there, Bondo.

And then I put the soil back in and it's been good ever since I really like Birkenstocks.

And if I, um, if I could buy them easily I'd go out and buy another pair too because they're great shoes.

Have you ever had Birkenstocks? Have you ever seen Birkenstocks? Do you have them? Now, tell me your Birkenstock stories."