Black and White Thinking

2023-06-24 00:00:00 / episode: 159



"Black and white thinking this is where we think in terms of two, this or that coffee or tea, it's cold or it's hot.

It's very, very simple.

There's nothing in between when we use black and white, thinking, black and white thinking is practical.

It helps make some situations, easy to deal with.

There is a problem though, some situations are not easy to deal with and they really shouldn't be the, the place that I read about this sort of concept was about climate change.

Some people when they start thinking about climate change, they use black and white thinking the climate is changing because of humans or it's not and there's nothing in between.

That is.


Well, I suppose it's better than not thinking about it at all.

But the problem is climate change is far, far, far more complex than that.

And if you make it black and white thinking there's a very good chance out of laziness that you'll push on to the side that climate change isn't due to people because that makes your life easier.

We don't have to do anything, we don't have to change.

Unfortunately, the science tells us otherwise.

And furthermore, unfortunately, it's complex.

We can't say precisely 100% A or B there's a lot of factors involved in climate change.

Um, think of it like a perfectionist.

A perfectionist wants to do some work and they either do the work and it's perfect, great or it's not perfect.

In which case, it's not good enough at all.

It's a fail that leads to a situation where you either get 100% on the test or you fail.

That's a terrible situation.

And that's the problem that perfectionists have with their black and white thinking it leads to a lot of grief, sadness and pain.

So I recommend get away from black and white thinking for a while.

If you're someone who's prone to using black and white thinking it'll make your life deeper and richer and perhaps less painful."