Body Language

2023-01-30 00:00:00 / episode: 8



Body language

Today let's talk about body language for a few minutes.

There's a couple of myths about body language that we can bring up first.

I heard that crossing your arms means you're angry or your mind is closed.

But in fact, that's not really true.

When people cross their arms, it's a sign of comfort.

It usually means that they're relaxed and they feel secure.

That's a good sign when you're talking with them

because they might be more open and communicative when they feel like that.

Another myth is that when somebody makes eye contact with you, they agree with you.

That doesn't necessarily mean they agree with you though.

It might just mean they're listening to you and they're paying attention.

I contact is a valuable way and a powerful way to indicate I'm paying attention to you.

It doesn't actually mean that they agree with you or any other deep meaning like that.

There's a couple of secrets about body language too.

For instance, fidgeting.

A lot of us think that when somebody's fidgeting, they're bored or maybe they're nervous.

But the truth is when people fidget, it often indicates interest, they're engaged in the conversation and they want to hear more.

Another secret is that smiling doesn't always indicate agreement.

A lot of people think if they're smiling, that's good. If they're smiling, that's good.

They agree with me. But that may not be the case.

Maybe they just don't want to hurt your feelings and they want to show their happy listening to you.

So be careful when somebody smiles, it doesn't always mean they agree with you.

Body language is really important.

If you don't know much about body language,

it would be a good idea to go and find out and study a bit more

because it could really improve your relationship with people around you.