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Good morning at least it's morning here.

Welcome to the 52nd episode of the less Paris podcast.


We talked about artificial intelligence and some of the dangers of it.

Today, I want to talk about breathing and how convenient it is and how powerful it is breathing.

Everybody does it and we do it all the time all day long and all night long.

But are you ever really aware of it? Breathing is profoundly powerful, breathing is used as therapy, breathing is used as training and breathing is used for self management by some people.

One of the benefits of breathing is actually several benefits are it's cheap, it's easy and it's convenient.

It's inconspicuous.

That means nobody can notice that you're doing it.

If you do it very carefully, breathing is super duper powerful.

You can use your breathing to change your mood and your feelings.

You can use it to make yourself more awake and alert.

You can use it to put yourself asleep and you can use it to just relax and come to a neutral state.

There's lots of different ways to do breathing rather than just not thinking about it and breathing as you go through life.

Sometimes you should sit down and try breathing consciously.

That means think about how you're breathing.

I heard about three interesting breaths.

The coffee breath, the water breath And the Whiskey breath.

The coffee breath is when you take 20 short fast breaths in and out of your nostrils really really fast.

That's gonna wake you up just like coffee.

And the whiskey breath is where you breathe out for about twice as long as breathing in.

So say you breathe in for four seconds and you breathe out for eight.

That's gonna put you to sleep and then there's the water breath and that one is going to make you feel sort of relaxed and neutral.

That's where you're breathing in and breathing out is equal.

Those three breaths are some that I've been experimenting with.

I try others too.

But remember when you do your breathing, breathe with your belly, don't move your chest as much as you move your belly and you'll have much more success.

Have fun breathing and enjoy the magic of breathing.

Thank you so much for listening to the end of episode 52 about breathing on the less Paris podcast.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about C.

02 monitors.

See you tomorrow.