2023-07-23 00:00:00 / episode: 188





What are these things where they're everywhere? They're on your shirts.

Perhaps they're on your jackets and maybe they're on your pants too.

And I've, I think I've seen buttons on shoes.

So, what are these things? Well, they're unique little fasteners that we can use to put two pieces of cloth together, easily, quickly and take them apart at the same time.

It's a way to do up your shirt.


So what's so great about buttons? Well, they're there and you see them and if you don't make them look nice, they're gonna look ugly as a result.

There's all sorts of styles of buttons.

When I was a little boy growing up, my mother had a button box when a button came off and you lost it, she could replace the button.

It wouldn't be the perfect replacement, but it wouldn't look ugly.

It wouldn't be a silly one because she had a large collection of buttons to choose from.

Now, we also have buttons electronically, buttons on our web spaces.


When you go to the website, there's a, a thing that you can click.

There's some, some things are called links and some things are called buttons.

The links will take you to a new page but the button will do something for you.


Then there's also buttons on machines.

That's what you push to make something happen.

A light switch is a kind of button and you can turn the light on and turn the light off.

There's buttons on your, um, washing machine, there's buttons on your vacuum cleaner, there's buttons on your smartphone, the buttons can control the functions of the machine.

They're wonderful devices.

Except oftentimes we don't know what the button does.

That's the designer's problem.

The designer has to make the button obvious when you push that button before you push it.

You know what's gonna happen.

If you don't know what's gonna happen, then maybe you're learning for the first time or the designer didn't do a good enough job anyway, buttons are pervasive.

They're everywhere in our lives.

Enjoy using buttons today."