Can Openers

2023-10-17 00:00:00 / episode: 274


Hello and welcome to the Les Perras podcast today.

Today, you're listening to episode 274 which is about can openers.

Can openers.

Yeah, canned food.

I tried to open a can about a year ago.

I didn't have a can opener.

Wow, it's difficult these days.

I don't cook or actually I do cook.

I cook lunch every day, but I don't get food in cans.


It seems like canning food is not as popular in Japan as it is in Canada.

We ate a lot of canned food when I was growing up in Canada.

But I don't see my wife buying canned food very often.

And opening the can requires a special tool.

A can opener.

I didn't have one and it was very difficult to open the can.

I used a hammer and a nail and I punched holes all the way around and then it was dangerous because you could cut yourself on the sharp metal.

I wasn't impressed.

I want a can opener for the next time.

I have a can.

They don't take much space and they're very cheap and they can make a very difficult job.

Quite simple.

Do you eat food in cans.

I don't do cooking at my home.

I only cook my lunches but my wife cooks and I don't see her using many cans.

So I think we have a can opener, but she almost never uses it because she almost never uses cans.

That's amazing to me.

I remember as a child having canned beans and canned spaghetti, canned soup, all sorts of wonderful things came in cans and some of the food was really healthy because it's in a can.

You don't need preservatives.

There's no air, there's no bacteria growing in there.

Yeah, you need a little bit of preservatives, but not very much.

And so the can opener was something we used almost daily.

I remember I had an electric can opener.

It was very simple.

You attach the can to the can opener, press down and a magnet held it in place and a motor turned the can for you.

So pretty presto can was open.

You could get the food easily if you don't have a can opener.

On the other hand, it's an entirely different story.

It's hard work getting the food out safely and cleanly.

So tell me about your experience with cans in the comments if you can.

Thanks a lot for listening to the Les Perras podcast today.