Cave Man

2023-06-27 00:00:00 / episode: 162



"Cave man.

What is that? This is prehistoric man.

That means before a man was writing down history, before we wrote down history, people were doing things and they were talking, history was kept by talking, ok, they would say the story about what happened to the Children and then the Children would grow up and they'd say it to their Children.

Stories were passed down generation after generation.

These cavemen.

Well, ok, if you go back far enough, they didn't have much technology.

I think we're gonna call them cavemen after they discover fire.

And then once they discover wheels, well, they're starting to move away from cave madness.

But stone age, ok.

Fire and stone age man is really caveman.

Did they really live in caves? Yeah.

You know, we found the cave painting.

So these guys went into the caves, but I'm not sure that they actually lived in the caves.

Caves aren't exactly really comfortable places to live.

I'll bet that they had better technology for making houses than, than finding holes in the ground.

For instance, the North American Indians, they had long houses and tepees and tents, mobile tents that they could live in those look much more comfortable than a cold dark and maybe kind of wet cave that has all sorts of, who knows what kind of animals living in it.

So, I think caveman is kind of a misnomer.

They certainly might have lived in caves when it was convenient in the front part of the cave.

But I doubt they went deep inside the cave.

And besides, maybe other animals were living in those caves too.

So these guys probably lived outside of the caves, but they might have gone in the caves for spiritual or religious purposes.

And that's why we find the cave paintings, especially like they have in France.

So I don't know about cave man.

I think we have to get a better name for these guys."