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Chamomile tea.

Have you ever drunk Chamomile tea? I've had it many, many times.

Chamomile tea is used for all sorts of things.

It comes up on the internet searches as an alternative medicine for many, many things.

In fact, there is a list of about 10 things that people use Chamomile tea to help them with even just muscle pain or having the common cold.

When I was growing up, my mom said if you catch a cold, you should drink Chamomile tea.

And indeed, that comes up in a sort of um, children's story.

Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit gets sick and his mama rabbit gives him chamomile tea to get better.

Chamomile is a plant and we can use the plant in various ways.

One way is to make tea and if you drink the tea, you will feel benefits.

One of the benefits of chamomile tea is it helps you feel relaxed.

Lots of people use it as a bedtime drink before they go to bed because it makes them relax and helps them fall asleep faster or easier.

On the other hand, there's a lot of people who dislike Chamomile tea.

It doesn't have exactly a pleasant flavor.

It's a little bit bitter.

I like it myself, partly because I've, my body made the association.

When I drink Chamomile tea, I feel more relaxed.

But it also, while it relaxes you, it can also help sort of make you more alert ironically, and you could use the comma mile as a sort of a salve.

You can crush the leaves and put them into a PTIs and put it on outside parts of your body.

If you have a cut or a scrape, there's all sorts of ways to use it, you could just grow it in your garden because it makes a nice flower.

And if you grew it in your garden, then you could have fresh Kama Mile.

Any time.

If you haven't had chamomile, go out, buy some chamomile tea.

It's available in many supermarkets.

Try it out.

See if it works for you.