Collecting Baseball Cards

2023-11-03 00:00:00 / episode: 291


Hi and welcome to the Les Perras dot com podcast.

Today is episode 291 and it's about collecting baseball cards.

Do you collect baseball cards? Have you ever collected baseball cards? I don't collect them and I will never collect them because I'm against collecting baseball cards.

I know collectors love collectors and they love collecting.

They talk about their collections.

I was a collector of various things.

I have collected some things over the, over the years now.

I'm of a different opinion.

I'm trying to get rid of my collections and I'm stopping collecting things.

So the baseball cards were a mystery to me.

Of course, I could understand kids wanting to collect them because they like baseball.

They like the baseball players.

The mystery was, why did they like the baseball players? And why did they like the cards? I think there's something deep in the human psyche.

We like to collect things.

We're all deep down, kind of like birds.

We wanna collect things and keep our little stash of things.

So these kids were collecting baseball cards and they would have multiple copies of the same card.

Now, I think, gee that was a waste of money.

It was a waste of time.

I suppose.

They might say it, it was fun.

It was entertaining.

My, my life is less and less about entertainment.

As I grow older, entertainment is less important to me.

But getting back to the baseball card collection, I couldn't believe how much money they were spending on them and how much time they spent talking about them. It was repetitive.

I'm basically trying to get away from collections in entirely.

And baseball card collections seems like a waste.

Not only for those people collecting them, but it's also damaging to the environment.


They are printing these cards using up trees, killing trees to make baseball cards.

They're printing them with, I don't know what kind of ink, but it's probably bad ink for the environment and all the cards end up in the garbage.

They're just creating more garbage.

If you wanna collect things, go out and collect things like rainbows.

How do you collect a rainbow? Take a picture, take a picture in your head, but don't buy it and stick it in your pocket or back home on a shelf where you can't even see it.

I'm sorry, I'm against baseball cards.

Tell me otherwise in the comments below and thanks for listening today.