Door Locks

2023-05-24 00:00:00 / episode: 128



"Door locks.

I think there's all kinds of door locks out there in the world.

But if I start off with door locks, let's go to the simplest kind.

Once again, I'm going to go back to my time in Africa.

When I went to Africa, I got a house to live in.

It wasn't my house, but it was a house that I could live in.

And the key was kind of funny looking.

I say funny looking because it reminded me of the keys that I saw in the cartoons on television when I was a child.

It had a funny shape.

It's, it's your characteristic or Hallmark key shape.

The keyhole in the door was a hole right through.

You could look through the keyhole.

Once again, it was just like in the cartoons in Canada.

Today, most door locks, you can't look through the keyhole.

But these keyholes in Africa, you could look through the keyhole and see into the room.

You couldn't see much because it was a small hole.

Anyway, these keys were very simple.

Then we had the keys that right that I used in Canada as a child.

They have uh, ridges and up and down parts and grooves and that's how you can, uh, lock and unlock the door.

Now, I won't explain how their lock works that for that.

You really need a video, but those keys were pretty good.

Um, and they would lock the, the actual door mechanism that would open the door.

Now, there are even more modern keys than that.

But the next key that I want to talk about is the dead bolt door lock.

That's a little bit separate from the door handle lock.

Of course, you can lock the door handle as well, but a dead bolt is a bolt of steel that shoots out from inside the door and attaches to the door frame or goes into a hole in the door frame.

And when you close the dead bolt, then the whole door can't be opened, you could break down the door, but you can't open it.

Otherwise dead bolts are the strongest kind of lock that you can imagine.

And if you wanted a really strong door, you might get several dead bolts on both sides, that's door locks."